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Ederauenweg (Eder Meadows Trail)

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The near-natural Ederradweg (Eder Cycle Trail) leads onto the differentiated “Waald-Wassa-Schdee” (Forest-Water-Snow) trail from Raumland to Beddelhausen.
13 km
3:30 h
0 m
60 m
Sometimes comfortable, sometimes challenging, the trail offers both sporty hikers, passionate walkers and cyclists as well as discerning cultural tourists unconventional discoveries around Bad Berleburg.

The varied trail leads through an attractive landscape with natural waters, imposing rocks, diverse vegetation and an unusually high density of nature conservation areas

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Updated: August 29, 2019

Highest point
415 m
Lowest point
355 m
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Rest Stop

Gästehaus Schwarzenauer Mühle


Sturdy footwear, otherwise no special equipment required

Tips, hints and links

Highs to the right and to the left the Ederradweg (Eder Cycle Trail):

A cycle tour along the Eder always creates a stir. The river reveals its increasingly stirring effect along the way through the idyllic low mountain landscape of the Rothaar Mountains to where it flows into the Fulda. On selected tours, you can explore the region from Bad Berleburg - in three stages - over several days.

Under the title "Hoch-Zeiten” (High Times), there are three tour tips:

  • River - Rocks - Views      
  • Nobility in the 21st century
  • Strong landscape - Strong animals


Hotel Raumland in Bad Berleburg-Raumland (415 m)
51.032991, 8.375867
32U 456236 5653679


Round arch bridge in Bad Berleburg-Beddelhausen

Turn-by-turn directions

Along the Ederauenweg (Eder Meadow Trail), there are 15 numbered signs that provide information on the sights:

1) + 2) On the trail of old culture

There is a Celtic hill fort (1) on the prominent meander cutoff by Dotzlar. In the original parish, the Church of St. Boniface in Raumland (2) on the steep rocks opposite the mouth of the Odeborn river awaits with exciting historical details...

Read more about it at


3) Water - Barefoot route - Gravel bed course

The waters of the Eder wants to feel our feet and allow it’s invigorating properties to take effect.

(Important: The river course and its banks is an area of special conservation. We therefore ask that you only enter the Eder in the vicinity of bridges and weirs!)


4) Crystal clear water

The Eder is a paradise for flora and fauna. The high flow rate is also remarkable.


5) Meditation rocks

“God sleeps in stone, breaths in plants, dreams in animals and awakens in man!” We concentrate on the song the Eder sings to us with its clear waters! Water calms and inspires...


6) Let nature be nature

The groves at Bahndamm and on the steep slopes of the Edertal valley are also unspoilt. Wild, uncultivated trees dominate the scenery. An ideal location for nature lovers! ...


7) For eternity

Inconspicuous initials are engraved at the foot of the imposing Honert rocks. The rock massif was created by extensive explosive works.


8) Ingenious builders

Observant hikers or cyclists will realise the effort that went into building the railway line. All of the accompanying building works provide visible examples of perfection...


9) Hollenloch

The saga of the dwarf king Golderich...



10) The terrible

When the Eder river floods, it can be terrifying - as evidenced by the flood mark on the flank of the underpass to Gersbach.


11) Mass grave

370 million years ago, a decisive moment in the history of the earth took place: 60 to 70 percent of all species became extinct. At the crag by the curve in the railway line between Arfeld and Schwarzenau, geologists conducted research and found black layers that were only a few centimetres thick between the bright rocks...


12) Appreciate the world

Just close your eyes - and appreciate all of the sounds and smells!


13) The Eder as a holy river

... In the early 18th century in Schwarzenau, Church Father Alexander Mack developed his Baptist teachings and baptised the first believers in the Eder river in 1708.


14) A divine artwork

Worth a brief detour. The siliceous rock quarry designated as a “national geotope” is exceptional.


15) A ridge hike

The round arch bridge in Beddelhausen is a protected monument - though not because it crosses the 51st parallel.

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13 km
3:30 h
0 m
60 m
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