Wittgensteiner Schieferpfad, Bad Berleburg

The green "i"

Photo: Sahra Greeck, BLB-Tourismus GmbH
We'd like to tell you about so many things of our Natural Paradies. Therefore we have developed a new brand:

The green "i"


As a complement of the red "i" as a sign for the tourist information, the mobile, green "i" supports us directly on site. The new brand is informative, sustainable and exemplary - and it is everywhere in the landscape where we cannot always be in person. It informs you about regional nature conservation and landscape features, about the unique biodiversity and the local fauna and flora. The green "i" briefly and concisely explains the most important rules of conduct for the "forest" recreation area.


In order to avoid sign proliferation, however, we use the green "i" only very deliberately. Currently, you can find the new brand with bundled forest knowledge at some Waldrast stations (Forrest Rest Stations), for example.


Forest Recreation Centre - open all year round

Photo: BLB-Tourismus GmbH
Bad Berleburg.

"We're doing really well here!" or "We live where others go on holiday!" or "Here we have nature right on our doorstep!" - Sentences that have often been spoken, but get a special meaning during the Corona crisis. The magnificent landscape and the wonderful Wittgenstein forests enable the residents to use and, above all, to appreciate this natural space. BLB-Tourismus GmbH, Wittgenstein Berleburg'sche Rentkammer and the town of Bad Berleburg jointly promote these precious advantages of our region and the positive sides of this natural paradise: "The recreation centre 'Forest' is open 24/7. Admission is free and the landscape is freely accessible. There is no age restriction. In this unique luxury property, every young and old visitor will surely find his or her personal nature spot."

The nature of Wittgenstein with all its facets is and remains a real paradise. Hikers, sportsmen, families, walkers, mountain bikers - they can all move freely here and experience personal landscape moments. But please do not forget one thing: In Wittgenstein, this recreation centre is mostly privately owned or belongs to the municipality. The owners may even live off the forest. Visitors should also remember this when normality has returned to everyday life.

And it is also clear - there are rules for the use of the recreation centre:


Respect and distance in encounters with game whose habitat is the forest!


Tolerance towards people visiting the recreation centre at the same time!


Understanding for short-term closures, which usually have forestry reasons!


Acceptance of regulations that protect animals and plants!


Friendliness towards the people who work in the forest and live from it!


Consideration for the environment when dealing with rubbish!


Observance of signposting and routing!


Prohibition of smoking and fires in the forest!


Show appreciation for private owners and the community who look after nature!


Always take the instructions seriously and follow them!


Observe the current contact ban and the minimum distance of 1.50 metres!

Forest as habitat

Photo: BLB-Tourismus GmbH
Forest knowledge


The forest is important - for biodiversity, for the climate, for us. It is the habitat of numerous animals and plants. It provides the renewable raw material wood. It creates jobs. And it offers us recreation. But the forest itself is doing badly, and very badly. Droughts, hot summers, bark beetles, storms - all of these have had a massive impact on the forest in 2019 and 2020 and led to catastrophic damage. In some cases, the extent of the damage is even threatening the very existence of forest owners and forestry operations. In the coming years, it will now be the common task to protect the forest from climate change and to make it strong for the future. Everyone can and should help - with respect and appreciation!



Here you will finde further information:

Flickers of Home: A Forest in Transition

The Siegen-Wittgenstein district is the most densely forested district in Germany. Almost three quarters of the area is covered by forest. The people here have lived from and with the forest for centuries. It is a habitat for countless animal and plant species, a retreat, but also an economic factor. But the forest is in danger: climate change and the bark beetle are making it difficult for it to survive.

You can watch the film in the ARD media library here:

Photo: BMEL

Waldrast (Forest Rest Station): drinks from the earth fridge

Would you like a little refreshment? Why not stop by a Waldrast? The stations invite you to take a special break. We have launched this project at the start of the hiking season. At a Waldrast you can take a break and refresh yourself with cool drinks. The refreshment does not come from your own rucksack, but from a drink holder that is deeply embedded in the ground.


Only non-alcoholic drinks are on offer at the Waldrast. "We are offering hikers a new opportunity to rest in the middle of nature, and at the same time we are responding to the lack of catering facilities along our tourist routes," says Andreas Bernshausen, Managing Director of BLB-Tourismus GmbH. There are currently four Waldrast locations along our premium trails, further station will be built in the near future.

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