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    Hof Teiche, Image Photo: Konstantin Bikar, Konstantin Bikar
  • Hof Teiche
    Hof Teiche Photo: Konstantin Bikar, Konstantin Bikar


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Gesundheitswoche 2020 wird verschoben

Liebe Berleburger, liebe Gäste,

Die Veranstaltergemeinschaft hat die Entscheidung schweren Herzens nach Abstimmung mit den Beteiligten getroffen. Die in diesem Rahmen geplanten Veranstaltungen sollen im kommenden Jahr nachgeholt werden.


Auf der Seite der Stadt Bad Berleburg findet Ihr unter folgendem Link die komplette Information:

Art in the countryside
Photo: BLB-Tourismus GmbH

Art in the countryside

Nature park students design the bridge pillars on the "Via Celtica" in Arfeld.

The "Via Celtica" is a laboratory path. The premium hiking trail with its paths around Arfeld and Dotzlar is challenging, but also spiritual and mystical. It invites hikers to consciously experience nature and landscape and actively shape it. The pupils of the Bad Berleburger Ludwig-zu-Sayn-Wittgenstein School also got involved in this design experiment. Together with the art teacher Rita Grotmann, the young people of grades 9 and 10 developed a remarkable project. The task: designing the concrete pillars on the Eder Bridge near Arfeld. In art classes, the high school students spent several weeks intensively dealing with the topic and dealing with the given saying. Ideas were collected, drafts designed, lettering created and color examples discussed. After the theoretical project preparation and its presentation to the headmistress and the non-school-related partners followed by practical implementation in nature. During a project week under the topic "My school - my home", the young people installed the artistic landscape campaign.


The students and Ms. Grotmann were now supported by teacher Michaela Pöppel. With numerous brushes and several painting pots as well as a lot of ambition and imagination, they worked for days. "Sit down at the river and just be there. The song of the water will take your worries and carry them down to the sea ”- this is how it now stands in curved letters on the bridge pillars.

The gray concrete color is history. Soft shades of blue determine the color image, symbolizing the waves, harmonize with the surrounding while the Eder purls along the "Via Celtica" in the background.


In any case, this project at the path has already given the students further ideas: they could well imagine a bench on their art object at the Arfeld Bridge, so that the hikers can rest there and relax. And maybe another book in which you can simply leave your worries in nature - as the saying goes - with an entry!

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