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Experience the natural paradise in Südwestfalen on its many trails in and around Bad Berleburg's Naturepark Rothaargebirge. 800 kilometres of marked trails are available for an active holiday, many are certified premium hiking trails. Step by step you can experience identity, authenticity and sustainability.

You will be rewarded with fascinating forest surroundings and great views. The offer of hiking trails extends far. Enjoy a relatively short round trip on the Wittgensteiner Schieferpfad (Slate path 15 km) or a trip lasting a few days on the panorama trail over the ridge of the Wittgensteiner countryside (154 km).

As an intersection of the national footpaths E1 (European long-distance footpath), the Weg der Deutschen Einheit (the path of reunited Germany), the Rothaarsteig and the Waldskulpturenweg (ForestSculptureWay) Wittgenstein – Sauerland offers you a wonderful hiking experience.We are inviting you!

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Top difficult open
20.9 km
6:00 h
519 m
517 m

A hike with expansive views - beautiful landscapes and the rushing Eder river turn this hiking route into a fairy tale spectacle.

from BLB-Tourismus GmbH,   BLB-Tourismus GmbH
Hiking trail · Bad Berleburg
Via Celtica - In tune with the Celts
Top difficult open
15.9 km
6:00 h
605 m
592 m

The Via Celtica promises a special experience: the route was developed by a prehistoric people and their defining culture: The central theme is the ...

from Kathi Langer,   BLB-Tourismus GmbH
Top difficult open
13.9 km
4:30 h
414 m
414 m

An eventful tour through fabulous forests, past an imposing cliff landscape and along winding paths - this hiking trail promises a real adventure.

from Kathi Langer,   BLB-Tourismus GmbH
Top difficult open
19.6 km
6:00 h
585 m
586 m

This hike is an historical journey through the world of Dotzlar village. The focus is on the unspoilt juniper heaths.

from Kathi Langer,   BLB-Tourismus GmbH
Top easy open
5.6 km
2:00 h
153 m
144 m

Once upon a time... ... the small, fairytale town of Bad Berleburg with a forest full of adventures. In this forest some famous figures of the ...

BLB-Tourismus GmbH
Top moderate open
45.2 km
12:30 h
915 m
914 m

The red kite soars above the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Hessen. It’s route is the inspiration for this beautiful hiking trail - ...

from Kathi Langer,   BLB-Tourismus GmbH
Long distance hiking trail · Bad Berleburg
Wittgensteiner Panoramic Tour
Top difficult closed
144.3 km
40:00 h
3,056 m
3,056 m

Impressive encounters are guaranteed along the way!

BLB-Tourismus GmbH
Long distance hiking trail
Top moderate Multistage route open
154.7 km
97:00 h
3,064 m
3,291 m

Was lieben Sie am Wandern am meisten? Die Nähe und Idylle der Natur, die aktive Entspannung, die unüberhörbare Stille, den Duft der ...

from Rothaarsteig e.V.,   Sauerland-Tourismus e.V.
Theme trail · Siegerland-Wittgenstein
WaldSkulpturenWeg Wittgenstein-Sauerland
Top moderate
25.1 km
6:30 h
553 m
580 m

Natur trifft Kunst am WaldSkulpturenWeg Was kommt dabei heraus, wenn international bekannte Künstler die wechselvolle Geschichte zwischen dem ...

from Schmallenberger Sauerland Tourismus,   Schmallenberger Sauerland Tourismus GmbH
Long distance hiking trail · Bad Berleburg
Feeder track Ederhöhenpfad - Hiking between Heaven and Eder
Top moderate
26.1 km
7:30 h
453 m
543 m

The feeder of the Ederhöhenpfad leads the hiker from Bad Berleburg to Beddelhausen. The path is marked by a white "E" with a blue wiper on yellow ...

from Kathi Langer,   BLB-Tourismus GmbH