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The website is technically operated by Outdooractive AG (see Section II below for address, contact information and other data). Information on the processing of personal data carried out by Outdooractive AG can be found below under Section II. In terms of content, this website is operated by the person responsible named in the Legal Disclosure. The person responsible for the content carries out separate processing of personal data under his/her personal responsibility under data protection law, for which you will find more detailed information in Section I below. To assert your rights, depending on the data processing, please contact the person responsible named in the sections below.

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Section I: Information on data protection (data processing by the person responsible for the content)

Einbindung und Verwendung des Onlinebuchungstools der OBS OnlineBuchungService GmbH (Gastgeberverzeichnis)

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Section II: Information on data protection (data processing by Outdooractive)



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Section 2: Use of Personal Data on our Website

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Section 3: Use of Personal Data on our App

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